CIP - Computer Information & Planning, Inc.

About CIP

Computer Information and Planning, Inc. began devoloping software to automate the business requirements of governmental agencies in 1982. We offer the following systems: BOMSWeb and STACWeb.

BOMSWeb is a complete solution for the agency’s business management office. Years of experience with the governmental process has gone into creating this office management system. BOMSWeb has easy to use modules in accounting, inventory, personnel, and employee/timesheet module to efficiently automate the office. With BOMSWeb all the business office data is organized and stored in one system.

STACWeb is an all-inclusive case tracking system. It manages a number of complex functions that tracks cases throughout all stages of the legal proceedings. With database and word processing technologies it manipulates the data in the system to prepare legal documents, create reports and calendars, track hearings, and record events. STACWeb is a highly configurable with many features to accommodate multiple workflows for agencies of any size.

Both systems are constantly evolving to automate the changing requirements of the agencies. Our team is always available to answer questions and give personal customer support to each of our users.

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